The Key-Pak brand goes back to the early 1970's, started as Research & Development Packaging Corp. by Art Bogut, originally designing and building custom machinery to package special products for a variety of industries.

Art eventually started building a standard vertical/form/fill/seal machine that could be fitted with different types of dispensing fillers such as augers, pumps, and scales for packaging various food or chemical products, and created the Key-Pak brand name. They soon moved into a new facility in Lebanon, NJ.

Key-Pak and Luciano Packaging have had a working relationship for years. After Art's retirement, Key-Pak became a part of Luciano Packaging Technologies, and combined operations in the summer of 2009.

The Key-Pak line continues today with 10 models of various sizes to package coffee, candy, cheese, flour, soap powder, hot wax, bleach and more. With the combined engineering departments, our design capabilities enable us to build machines to package several special medical products as well.

Luciano Packaging is also supplying parts, service, and upgrades for the old Key-Pak machines, many of them are still producing for over 30 years.