V250 Bag in Bag


MODELS: V-200, V-250, V-450, V-250 BAG in BAG

The "V" series machines are KEY-PAK'S signature design. Unique among Vertical Form/Fill/Seal Machines, they feature a cantilevered design, whereby the entire film path, from roll to former is completely accessible to the operator. This makes the machine extremely simple to work on, and reduces down time considerably over othere designs.
Models are available for maximum bag width, of 4, 8 and 12 inches at speeds up to 100 per minute. The 16 inch non-cantilevered machine is not shown. All "V" models feature PLC controls with dual stepper motor film drives for maximum flexabilityl and user-friendly operation. The "V" Series machines produce standard PILLLOW POUCHES, as well as optional STAND-UP, GUSSETED BAGS and 3-SIDED SEAL POUCHES.
Available product filling systems, include Linear and Combinational Scales, Augers, Volumetric Fillers, Liquid Fillers and even Parts Counters. Other options that can be added include PRODUCT TAKEAWAY NITROGEN GAS FLUSH, FILM SPLICING TABLE AND CODE DATING.