Corporate History

Corporate History

The roots of Luciano Packaging Technologies, Inc. (Luciano) go back to 1972, when Bob Luciano left the pharmaceutical industry to form an engineering consulting firm, Robert A. Luciano Associates, specializing in packaging machinery and operations.

After providing services to hundreds of companies in the pharmaceutical, home products and food industries, Bob was encouraged by many of his customers to develop and manufacture machinery and integrated packaging systems.

Thus, in 1990 LPT was formed and was very quickly contracted to develop a number sophisticated turn-key integrated packaging systems for the pharmaceutical industry. A key factor of success in its early years was Luciano’s understanding of package design and packaging operations, as well as its knowledge of the availability of individual machinery components.

Over the next ten years, Luciano developed a strong capability in vision inspection and control systems, which have become increasingly critical given the requirements of today’s packaging systems.

The evolution of Luciano from an engineering consulting company to a full-service systems integrator, now continues as the company now offers a growing family of standard packaging and production systems to complement its custom machinery development capability.

The Luciano product line now includes the following:

Corporate History

  • Printing, Inspection and Control Systems
  • Package Printing Lines (Thermal Ink Jet, Thermal Transfer and Laser)
  • Tablet/Capsule Printing Machines
  • Tablet Laser Drilling Machines
  • UniJect Finishing Systems

Incorporated in each of the above products are the latest sophisticated vision inspection and control systems which guarantee optimum performance and compliance.

As Luciano continues to evolve and develop increasingly sophisticated machinery, its mission is the same as when the corporate family was started in 1972 – To apply the best current technologies to provide innovative solutions to our customers’ packaging and engineering needs.