Scale Systems


Key-Pak offers its CCNW and NW series of Net Weighing Scale for the weighing of a wide-range of products with an emphasis on accuracy. Utilizing high-speed electronics and Digital Signal Processing (DSP), these scales are immune from system and plant vibrations. When these scales are incorporated with a Key-Pak V/F/F/S machine, they can be directly machine mounted, without any super-structure type framework.

As with all Key-Pak equipment, the design focus of these scales is on simplicity, and ease of operation. One-handed tool-less removal of parts for cleaning, pneumatic hopper actuators, and an operator interface integrated with the bagger are features, which lead to minimum downtime, and maximum production.


The CCNW line of combinational scales is available eight, ten, and twelve lane configurations, and can be sized to handle weighments as low as ten grams, and as high as fifteen pounds. Systems are available to weigh and dispense an extremely wide variety of applications. From easy-to-handle products like nut and candies, to much more challenging applications such as shredded cheese, and even shredded soap, Key-Pak CCNW scales are at work world-wide weighing product, and making profits.



MODELS NW-100 / NW-200 / NW-300 / NW-400

Designed for ease of use and continuous production operation, the KEY-PAK Machines NW-Series Linear Net-Weight Scales have been accurately weighing and dispensing a wide variety of products world-wide for over twenty-five years.

With literally dozens of configurations available by combining multiple lanes, a wide variety of tray sizes, dribble tracks and product flow cut-offs, the NW-Series can be configured and sized to handle almost any free-flowing product. It is ideally suited for the gentle handling and accurate dispensing of whole bean coffee, candies, rice, beans and many other products.

When provided with separated in-feed hoppers, the NW-Series can also be used to BLEND multiple ingredients of varying weights and flow characteristics into a single dispense. This solution provides exceptional consistency and accuracy for product recipes with diverse components, such as soup mixes, spice blends and exotic teas.

Mounted over a KEY-PAK Machines Vertical Form/Fill/Seal system, the mechanical and electronic integration is seamless, presenting a true single-machine system set-up. In fact, KEY-PAK Machines is one of the only companies in the United States that produces a fully integrated, single source scale and bagging system. Floor-mounted, semi-automatic systems are also available for filling pre-made bags, or containers.

KEY-PAK machines are manufactured with pride in the United states and are an extension of the specialized packaging equipment manufactured by Research & Development Packaging Corp., a design and manufacturing company with over 35 years experience in the packaging machinery industry.