Package Coding

Package Coding

For printing on cartons, Tyvek Asuron TM, corrugated containers, and individual products

Package Coding 01

Printing Technologies
Luciano Packaging Technologies has developed a line of package coding machines utilizing sophisticated package infeed, handling, conveying, and outfeed techniques and the latest technology in printing, including the HP thermal ink jet using the inc.jet jet.engine, Laser Printer and Thermal Transfer Printer.

Anti-Counterfeit Technologies
Luciano has relationships with several companies’ technologies for anti-counterfeiting, including Secure Symbology and Verify Brand. These technologies require the capability of random generation of sophisticated bar codes and alpha numerics.

Vision Inspection
In order to comply with the standards of pharmaceutical packaging, Luciano typically employs sophisticated vision systems to inspect for the presence and quality of print images.

Optional Stations
Luciano is able to offer a number of package handling stations, including:

  • Infeed and outfeed
  • Carton erecting
  • Carton sealing
  • Conveyor of various types
  • Reject Stations
  • Controls
  • Case packing
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