Vision Inspection / Verification

Vision Inspection / Verification

Vision Inspection Verification 01 One of Luciano Packaging Technologies strongest capabilities is the integration of sophisticated vision inspection and verification systems into packaging and production lines. The need for 100% vision inspection is paramount to ensure product safety and quality, production efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

Having installed many inspection and verification systems on both, new and existing packaging lines, Luciano has developed a structured approach to inspection integration that assures successful operation and validation. Beyond the inspection itself, the way that the system handles good and bad results is what determines if it is reliable. The Luciano failsafe design approach that assures that no bad packages can be allowed into good production.

When a project begins, customers are presented with a document that fully describes all inspection and logic functions, for approval, allowing for the development of procedures and protocols in advance. Upon analysis of each customer’s application, Luciano’s engineers will select from a variety of vision inspection systems, including Siemens, DVT, and Cognex, to chose the system that best meets the application requirements. Our user interface is tailored to customers’ needs and language.

Luciano’s vision inspection systems verify the following:

  • Presence and positioning accuracy of label,
  • Correct lot number, expiration date and label part number
  • Barcode integrity, accuracy, and grade and decidability (linear, 2D, and RSS) Label artwork quality
Vision Inspection Verification 02
Product Inspection to perform the following types of functions:

  • Blood typing card inspection (for fill level and bubble detection)
  • Tablet orifice drilling inspection for position accuracy, aspect ratio and diameter
  • Tablet print inspection
  • Particulate inspection
  • Cosmetic inspection
Vision Inspection Verification 03
Vision Inspection Verification 04

Vision Guide Motion for the following types of products:

  • Medical Devices
  • Cosmetics