Turnkey Packaging Line Integration

Turnkey Packaging Line Integration

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Total packaging line responsibility makes Luciano Packaging Technologies such an important resource in the industry.

From project planning through installation, training, startup,

and documentation, we stand ready with full turnkey services.

We perform the following integration services:

Packaging Line Integration 02Equipment Selection: The comprehensive packaging equipment specifications developed by Luciano Packaging Technologies have become a standard in the industry. An orderly procurement program is conducted by experienced professionals to ensure that each piece of equipment is ideally suited for the application.

Applied Engineering: An extensive equipment database and C.A.D. network guided by an experienced staff means that each project is performed efficiently and effectively. A total engineering documentation package is prepared in AutoCad and made available to the client.

In-House Integration: The resource required to effectively set up and debug most packaging operations are available at our new, modern, facility located in Somerville, New Jersey. A reduced installation schedule, efficient off site operational development and a shortened start up efficiency curve make
this an attractive opportunity for many of our clients.

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Installation and Start-Up: Total packaging line responsibility means that we provide the supervision and support necessary to ensure effective and efficient installations. The support does not stop there, however, not until the customer is satisfied with the level of training, documentation, and operating efficiency will Luciano Packaging Technologies consider a job to be completed.

Validation Life Cycle: Documents (specifications, qualifications) are prepared by people who truly understand the machinery.

Protocol Execution is done by qualified engineers and technicians. As certified Robot and Vision Integrators, and with extensive experience in SCADA in Plant Wide Automation Networks, we are able to offer the flexibility and intelligence required for many applications.

Other integration services offered include:

  • Packaging Line Re-Location
  • Reconfiguration and Consolidation of Packaging Operations
  • Modification and Customer Provided Machines
  • Adding Supervisory Controls to Existing Packaging Lines
  • Adding Inspection Systems to Existing Machines