Strategic Alliances

Strategic Alliances

Edge Medical Products, LLC.
MACTEC Packaging Technologies

Howard R. Leary Associates, LLC.

Edge Technologies develops new products using advanced technologies and engineering ingenuity, and then brings these revenue generating products to the market. Luciano and Edge Technologies are collaborating on a number of these unique products. To inquire about the product development services available at Edge Technologies, contact:

Edge Technologies
5875 Tyrone Road
Reno, NV 89502
Tel: 775 829 0700

MACTEC Packaging Technologies is a manufacturer of compact form, fill and seal packaging machinery suited for small to medium range production. LPT and MACTEC have combined their expertise in design, integration and manufacturing to provide customers with highly specialized automated packaging lines. For more information regarding the application and capabilities of these machines please contact:

Luciano Packaging Technologies
Larry Luciano
Tel: 908 722 3222 Ext.13

The Packaging Consultants Council of the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP) represent many specialties, including transport packaging, marketing, plastic molding, package development, machinery, forensics, food packaging, and more. Members are dedicated full-time consultants with extensive experience in their respective fields. The Council is dedicated to supporting full-time packaging consultants in their business and professional activities, and to making those consultants available to those in need of their services. To inquire about consulting support, contact:

Packaging Consultants Council of the
Institute of Packaging Professionals
1601 North Bond Street, Suite 101
Naperville, IL 60563
Tel: 630 544 5050
Fax: 630 544 5055

Robert A. Luciano Associates provides engineering consulting services in the areas of packaging operations and machinery, including product and package development, standard and special machinery engineering, industrial engineering and maintenance programs. The principal of the company is Bob Luciano, a veteran in the packaging and pharmaceutical industries with over 50 years of experience. More information is available at:

Robert A. Luciano Associates
95 Bissel Road
Lebanon, NJ 08833
Tel: 908 236 6857
Fax: 908 236 6006