MODELS: ELT-450 and ELT-600

KEY-PAK'S ELT Series "Twin Tube" packaging systems have the capacity to make bags up to 4-1/2" or 6" wide by 12" long and is shown equipped with a twin spindle auger filler to package fractional size coffee bags at speeds up to 180 per minute. This system is suitable for dispensing both free flowing and non-free flowing products from dusty flour mixes to whole bean coffee. Wide range of product filling options are available making the ELT Series equally capable of packaging products ranging from cereal to powder and liquid drink, soup and chemical products.

The ELT Series includes an enhanced stepper motor film feed, state of the art interface and a manual "on the fly" web tracking device. Among the many available options for this machine are Product Bakeaway Conveyor, Printed Film Registration, Code Dating, and Nitrogen Gas Flush. Only 21 square feet of floor space is needed for the Model ELT-450.